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We at Al-Aksha understand that interior design is much more than simply choosing paint and placing furniture. It’s not simply picking out furniture for the space, but really considering who lives in the space, how they anticipate using it, the styles that they’re drawn to, and then coming up with a complete plan for the space. We work at the conceptual development and execution of the designs. We conduct site visits and work with construction management, especially when it comes to large commercial buildings. We consider interior design to be an art of composition, as we bring various pieces together to form one stylish look. It relates to conceptualizing a space to balance function and aesthetics. We consider layout, flow, and usability of the space and aesthetics to be the visual properties that make the space feel pleasing to the eye including a perfect blend of color, style, form, and texture. Whenever possible, we incorporate green, sustainable and environment friendly materials in our design construction.

At the basic level, we provide our services to redecorate a room in a house or to help completely remodel it. We handle every part of the room’s look from the material of the floor in some cases to the knick-knacks on the bookcases. In remodeling works, we ensure that our clients get the maximum amount of use out of the space that they have. In addition, we ascertain that the design does not cause any safety hazards.

In our decor and furnishing projects, we balance, proportion and incorporate upcoming design trends. As a commercial and hospitality interior designer, we know how to cultivate a branded experience in an interior. Our talented interior design team is comprised of skilled architects, and designers. Our team takes a more scientific approach to designing a space by understanding program requirements, operational flows and integrated digital technologies so the business can run efficiently.

We specialize in residential design works and engage closely with our clients throughout the design process. Designing interior spaces is a more involved process, where we provide the clients with much interaction options to ensure the design process can be very therapeutic for our client. As a result, we understand a client’s needs to create a space that is best suited for their family and their lifestyle. We ensure to always be there with our clients to understand their wants, needs, and vision for the space and translate those into a design scheme that can be brought to life through installation. Moreover, we leverage our knowledge of layout and space planning, color palettes, furniture and decor selection, material, and texture to address our client’s needs and wishes. We think beyond surface level when assisting our clients in the decision making process.

We have completed and handed over a number of commercial and residential interior design projects. In addition, we have undertaken a number of projects involving decoration of lobbies and waiting areas of corporate and government buildings. Amongst them, we are proud to have completed the interior design and decoration of the Mayor’s office at Rajshahi City Corporation. We provide some visuals of our projects in order to showcase some of our design ideas.

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